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Yabadabadoo! The Flintstone's House Really Exists

If you grew up watching the classic show “The Flintstones” there is no way you didnt imagine living in their stone house and how cool that would be.  I bet you even had a moment where you thought “when i grow up, im definitely recreating a house just like the Flintstones lived in”.  Well brace yourself because somebody did just that!

The late, great Dick Clark actually owned a recreation of the famous cartoon house, located in Malibu! The house is now for sale and for a cool $3 Million dollars your childhood fantasies could become reality. Although, if you arnt quite in the market for that sort of investment at the moment you can still check out how cool and acurate the house is below!


& if you want to purchase the property + read all of its details you can do so here

… just remember to invite us over!

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Apartment Therapy

Beyond honored to have my house featured on Apartment Therapy and photographed by the amazing Marcia Prentice (check out her amazing work on her webste here). Thank you for making it look so good!



xx corey

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Bold & Beautiful Waylande Gregory

American pottery and ceramics are among some of the most collectable. Edith Heath, Beatrice Wood and Leza McVey are among some of the best known and some of my favorites. Lately I have been more drawn to the work of Waylande Gregory. Bold colors, streamlined animal imagery, it's fun and smart. Born in Kansas, Waylande helped set the tone for the deco ceramics movement.

Waylande Gregory's newer work:

Leza McVey

Beatrice Wood

Edith Heath

I think I see a ceramics class in my future…
xx corey

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Cold Brew

I've become a fan of cold brew coffee concentrate. The first one I tried was SECRET SQUIRREL from a local heath food store and I liked it. It's made by soaking the beans for 18+ hours and it is said to be less acidic that hot coffee. Mixed with soy, rice or cows milk, it is creamy and refresing. And best of all it's ready to go—no grinding and waiting.

Faux Low Cal Latte

  • 4 oz of coffee
  • 8 oz of water
  • 1 oz of milk
  • splash of half & half for a little cremier taste
  • a little agave for sweetness
  • add ice

Submitted by Stacy

Iced Cubano

  • 1 shot Secret Squirrel
  • 2 shots half & half
  • 1 tsp sugar diluted with 1 shot water
  • mix, top with ice and sprinkle dash of cinnamon

Submitted by Tsz

Recently I discovered a new cold brew WE HAVE MANY SURF BOARDS made in Santa Barbara CA. You can order it soon.

cheers, xx corey

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Instagram Roundup

Catch up with the happenings around CLC during this week's instagram roundup!

Kelly Framel from TheGlamourai graced the pages of her blog looking chic in the Corey Lynn Calter Corine Coat.


We introduced our Sea & Sand Resort 2013 Collection to our instagram and facebook followers. Check out the entire collection on

NYE came and went with a party at Corey's house. The last remnants of decorations were finally found and taken down for the year.

Our intern's dog got dressed up in lights for Christmas and Gilbert surprised Sadie and Stella on Christmas Day!

Follow Corey Lynn Calter on instagram for more peeped at CLC moments: @coreylynncalter