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#10 Reasons We're Voting For Janie Bryant

Our Favorite Costume Designer and Dear Friend, Janie Bryant, is Nominated for her work on The AMC hit Show MADMEN in Outstanding Costumes For A Series - 2014 at The 66th Annual Emmy Awards

Here we have 10 reasons why our vote goes to Janie Bryant! 


Betty Draper when in rome, id wear this too ;) 


We loved watching Peggy Olson from Secretary to empowered woman 


Megan Draper's evening gown choices 


Sally Draper we love you, and those shoes


Janie makes even a casual outfit like this one Betty Francis is wearing, look so chic and memorable


Joan Holloway's outfits always compliment her hair beautifully and this knit dress is so sexy yet work appropriate. cheers to knit day dresses



She dresses the characters who have small roles, such as Bethany Van Nuys and Bonnie Whiteside, the same as she does with reoccuring roles: they all have their own identity & style. These are two brilliant costume choices.


The ever evolving style of Betty Draper & the amazing styling of her son in that little blue suit!


Megan Draper in her Mod and perfectly 60's style. That head scarf is so Rhoda from The Mary Tyler Moore Show


(If you dont catch the reference check out our blog post we did on Rhoda & her scarves! here)


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The Petites Shop at Anthropologie Launch

I am thrilled to be co-hosting the launch of The Petites Shop in Anthropolgie's Santa Monica store on Thursday October 17th from 7-9pm. Hope to see you there!

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Black and White Perfection

It's been several months since the the 'Paris Photo' exhibition on the Paramount lot here in Los Angeles, but noting the work of Seydou Keita has been on my mind since i saw these. Larger than life photos of african women graceful and poised, I was drawn to the bold, graphic images of prints on prints and textures. 

Seydou Keita passed away in 2001. This work is dated around 1956

Above, these lovely images by photographer J.D.'Okhai Ojeikere from Nigeria were shown alongside Seydou Keita below.

xx corey

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Hats Off to the Head Scarf, Happy Birthday Valerie Harper

More people may know Valerie Harper as Mary Tyler Moore's raspy voiced bestie from the long running 70s tv show, but she had a spin off show called Rhoda as well. She played a less prim and often disheveled career girl than the perfect Mary, I loved both shows and they had so many memorable fashion moments. Rhoda favored the 70s head scarf on her spin off series so in honor of her birthday we thought we could celebrate some of those looks.

Happy Birthday Valerie Harper


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Memories of Paris

Traveling in Paris a few months ago, I came upon this quaint old barber shop. It had the perfect French details, from the Victorian hair art that decorated the walls to the mustache sign that hangs over the door. What a treat it was and the owner is so perfectly placed it could have been a movie set.

The adorable sight that hangs outside.

Vintage containers decorate the interior and the windows.

Victorian hair art hangs in fisheye oval frames.

Picture perfect in every way.