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Inspired by History: Breton Women

In the April 2014 issue of National Geographic there is a feature on Breton Woman wearing their traditional enesembles representing the individual villages they come from In the northwest corner of France, these villages of Brittany have a strong sense of local pride. Until the 1950's it was the norm in these villages to wear their traditional garments everyday, some included 13” head dresses and collars on their dresses that had been starched to stand straight out.  Nowadays there are only a hand full of women who wear these outfits, but there has been a resergance of younger girls who are interested in wearing the looks.

The following images were photographed by Charles Freger and list the name of the towns the garment comes from beneath the photo 

read the full article here on National Geographic.

Check out more of Charles Freger's work here

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Yabadabadoo! The Flintstone's House Really Exists

If you grew up watching the classic show “The Flintstones” there is no way you didnt imagine living in their stone house and how cool that would be.  I bet you even had a moment where you thought “when i grow up, im definitely recreating a house just like the Flintstones lived in”.  Well brace yourself because somebody did just that!

The late, great Dick Clark actually owned a recreation of the famous cartoon house, located in Malibu! The house is now for sale and for a cool $3 Million dollars your childhood fantasies could become reality. Although, if you arnt quite in the market for that sort of investment at the moment you can still check out how cool and acurate the house is below!


& if you want to purchase the property + read all of its details you can do so here

… just remember to invite us over!

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Extra, Extra: COREY in the press March/April 2014

1. Glamour Magazine March 2014 Issue featuring our Lauren Button up shirt 

2. People Style Watch featuring our Morgana Wrap Dress

3. O, The Oprah Magazine featuring our Morgana Wrap Dress 

4. Spring Fashion issue, featuring Aimee Teegarden wearing our Pippa Strapless Romper

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Inspiring Artist Series: Richard Saja

The artist in our fifth week of the weekly Inspiring Artist Series is Richard Saja.

Richard Saja is a American textile artist born in 1965, he established his company called “Historically Inaccurate Decorative Arts” in Queens, New York, which handles decorative art, fine-art, and even apparel commissions.  He is known for subverting the 18th-century-style patterns on pieces of toile and rewriting the fabrics narratives with brightly colored embroidery and a wicked sense of humor all while using colorful & glow-in-the-dark thread.  

Saja gravitated to the french fabric, toile de Jouy, because of its classic french patterns which chronicle the lives of the bourgeoisie dancing, picnicking, gardening, and boating but puts a spin of humor on them by adding his embroidered motifs to them. 

“The idea is to make one motif pop, and to make it cheeky and irreverent, One has to take a closer look, to spend time with the fabric, in order to unravel what’s going on” -Richard Saja

Check out his blog here:

More info on his process:

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