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Inspiring Artist Series: Do-Ho Suh

The artist in the second week of our weekly Inspiring Artist Series is Do-Ho Suh.

Do-Ho Suh is originally from South Korea before relocating to New York. He is known for trying to defy perceptions, conventional notions of scale and location and manipulating the ways viewers occupy and inhabit public space. 

His most recent exhibit is at the Lehmann Maupin, Hong Kong during November 14, 2013 - January 25, 2014 and is entitled: “Specimen Series”

The Specimen Series was created as a way for Do-Ho Suh to remember his New York City apartment and all of the items in it. He made them all true to scale and used his mental memory to recall what he remembered about each piece. The pieces are made with transparent fabric with lighting to highlight their transparency.

“Suh believes an individual’s particular memory of space can be captured by these everyday objects…an item’s place and form within the home creates a familiarity within one’s spatial dynamic.” -Lehmann Maupin

Check out the exhibition website here

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Inspiring Artist Series: Kohei Nawa

The first artist in our weekly Inspiring Artist Series is Kohei Nawa.

Kohei Nawa is a Japenese Artist who has been active since 1998 and he is known for using beads, prisms, polyurethane foam, silicone oil and other synthetic materials to forge new roads into the possibilities of sculpture.

His most recent exhibit was at the Aichi Triennale this month entitled: Foam.

 “Foam” was based on a etherical + otherworldly aesthetic as if you are walking among the clouds. The foam is created using a mixture of detergent, glycerin and water and it inhabits an almost pitch-black room with lights that appear like stars above. 

“The risen volumes of foam link together and reach saturation, but continue to swell, occasionally losing vitality and spreading out over the ground”- Kohei Nawa

check out Kohei Nawa's website here:

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