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Intern Diaries: Halloween!

Halloween is FINALLY here and what better way to get in the spirit than some pretty (unusual) nail art. I feel like my pinterest and instagram have both been bombarded by tons of pictures of this trend that is growing so quickly in popularity so I've decided to share some of my favorites with you:

Creepy yet awesome. I think I would just subconsciously feel my nails all day.

“Ursula” inspired

Very Día de los Muertos

I think this is just amazing


Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! xx

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Turkish Spices

The last leg of my recent travels took me to Istanbul. It is a magical place filled with smells, sounds and energy. I took a ton of pictures which I shared on istagram but here are a few more.

The famous spice market did not disappoint. The colors were beautiful.

It was my first time having Turkish delight.

Dried spices, hookah pipes and tea sets line the walls.

This was my favorite stall, His family has been selling here for 40 years. Glass jars topped with brass lids are labeled with various spices and teas. Bath salts and natural scrub brushes can also be purchased here.

The tins filled with tea have beautiful pictures on them. Of course I loved the ship ones.

I loved this traditionally dressed woman having a rest seated in a modern chair amidst the hustle and bustle of the Grand Bazaar.

Hope you enjoyed the images,

xx corey

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Grace Jones: The Legend

Grace Jones is a style maven and a cultural icon. I can remember her dancing and hanging around at Area and Danceteria in NYC in the 80's when I was only about 14 years old but at 64 years old, she is still a legend. Here are some of her outrageous outfits from over the years.








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The Bosphorus Sea, Istanbul

During my travels in September, I thought some tourist activities were in order. Here are some images of Istanbul from the Bosphorus Sea. The Bosphorus Sea divides the Asian and the European sides of Istanbul. Inspiration was everywhere so I have some pictures I want to share.

A view of one of the hundreds of mosques that dot the Istanbul landscape.

A tower that was once a posh residence on the Asian side of the sea.

Houses built on the Asian hillside

View of Rumeli Hisari, a fort built to protect both sides of Istanbul

Cafes along the sea where boats can dock

One more post coming.

xx corey

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One Cape, 3 Ways

We've styled the Gwen Double Breasted Cape three different ways for fall. Which is your favorite?

70s Girl (clockwise from top left):

1. Corey Lynn Calter Ella Side Ruffle Blouse
4. Corey Lynn Calter Gwen Double Breasted Cape
6. Corey Lynn Calter Jane Sailor Flare Pant

Hitchcock Glam (clockwise from top left):

2. Corey Lynn Calter Gwen Double Breasted Cape
3. Corey Lynn Calter Darby Crossover Pencil Skirt
4. Alice+Olivia Dina Suede Pumps
5. Corey Lynn Calter Elyse Bird Intarsia Sweater

British Invasion (clockwise from top left)

2. Corey Lynn Calter Gwen Double Breasted Cape
4. Corey Lynn Calter Nicoletta Zipper Mini Skirt
5. Net-A-Porter Burberry Leather Gloves