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Haunted Hollywood

Halloween is approaching and it makes us think about all of the famous Hollywood landmarks that stars and starlets of the past are said to haunt. With all of the tales we hear about the debauchery of old Hollywood it is no wonder there are so many unsettled spirits roaming in LA! Here are a few of the most intriguing haunts.

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1. The Queen Mary

Ghosts were reported on board after the ship was permanently docked in California. Many areas are rumoured to be haunted. Reports of hearing children crying in the nursery room, used as the third-class playroom, and a mysterious splash noise in the drained first-class swimming pool are cited. Some visitors say they have seen women wearing early 1930s bathing suits in the pool areas.

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2. The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign has been a beacon of fame and fortune for more than 80 years. According to Hollywood lore, a struggling 1930s actress committed suicide on the site of the famous sign and hasn't been able to stop reenacting the deed since that fateful night. Maybe that's why the area is now off limits to visitors.

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3. The Silent Movie Theater

With one of the most gruesome histories of any movie theater, the Silent Movie Theatre has forever cemented its status in haunted Hollywood. Legends include ghosts in the projection rooms, blood-splattered carpet from machine-gun murders and a constant haunting by two former owners. 

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4. The Comedy Store

The dark hauntings at this famous Sunset Strip comedy club are no laughing matter. Formerly known as mob hangout Ciro's in the 1940s, reported regulars from the hereafter include murdered victims of mobsters in the basement as well as stand-up alumni who play pranks on the staff.

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5. The Chateau Marmont

Last but definitely not least is The Chateau Marmont the famous hotel from the 20's that has been home to every legend from Howard HughesMarilyn MonroeBoris KarloffJim Morrison and of course is famous for the site of John Belushi's death where they are all said to still make the occasional appearance.

Happy Halloween, stay spooky!

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Corey's Gives The LA Times Her Top Beauty Picks

Corey is spilling her beauty secrets to the LA Times!

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For her complete list click here.

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Mixing It Up In The New York Post

CLC's Elsie blouse is featured in The New York Post today!

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Shanghai Surprise

After spending a week in Seoul it was time to head to Shanghai. Flora and I have been busy working but we did have time to do some sight seeing and of course shopping. Here are some peeps from the trip.







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All That Glitters Is Gold

Our Anthropologie 'Fly Away' blouse is getting us in the mood for a little holiday sparkle and glitter!