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Diamonds Do Sparkle

I adore the work of French jewelry designer Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany. These are beautifully whimsical jeweled interprietations of things in nature. Apparently he created the mounting for the Tiffany diamond, a beautiful bird holding a 128 carat yellow diamond in it claws. Schlumberger died in 1987 but we can continue to enjoy these unique gems even if only from afar.


Butterfly pretty at
So cool a jellyfish in diamonds at
This sweet robbin's egg in bands of gold at
The piece de resistance worn by Diana Vreeland 1941. So amazing!!!!
I could really go on and on so one final showstopper!
It can be yours for 95K. Every girl can dream.
xx corey

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Picture Tickets Arggg...

There it was in the mailbox…. my first picture ticket! $475-. crazy. The funny part is they send the picture and you can watch the video of yourself committing the act.


Here is my picture, so funny, I look really focused maybe that is why I did not stop before turning on a red. 
Please share yours. 
xx corey 

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Color Your World In CLC: Five Questions For Rachael Leigh Cook

In our ongoing Color Your World in CLC series (check out the post we did with A Fine Frenzy's Alison Sudol), Bees Knees is asking some of the ladies who inspire us five random questions for no other reason than to selfishly see what cool beauty, style, travel,etc. tips they will divulge ;) Up next is Rachael Leigh Cook, an actress who is not only talented and beautiful (duh), but also hilarious, intelligent, witty (just check out her twitter if you ever need a belly laugh), passionate about causes that will make this world a better place and all around one of the coolest chicks we know. We love Rachael's classic style and that she is not afraid to mix in funky prints or bold colors to her wardrobe. These are the reasons we are so excited to see what gems Rachael has in store for us, plus she looks pretty darn cute in CLC!

Rachael in CLC's Jules lace jacket promoting her new film entitled Vampire at the Sundance Film Festival


1. Favorite iPhone application? 

iPhone app I love is TAL (aka) This American Life.  It makes even my rowdiest dog walks fly by (we have 3!)



2. You have a very talented inner make up artist inside of you, what is your best beauty secret?

 Don't use cream concealer on blemishes, it's always going to be too thick. Pat on regular foundation, allow it to 'set', powder, then reapply if necessary to create even tone. 

My favorite under eye concealer is YSL Touche Eclat.  It is very light in texture -aka won't exaggerate any fine lines around the eyes- and it has a refractive quality that bounces light out of undereye shadows. 





3. Favorite Vacation Spot

Moorea, Tahiti.  It's screensaver perfect. 


4. You are a gal that likes a high heel, what is your next shoe purchase?

I am currently eyeing these Charles Jourdan 'Andes' stilettos in black suede. The staggered front platform is kind of futuristic without being too crazy and they are surprisingly comfortable for a 4 3/4 heel.  Now I just have to figure out how to justify another black pair of black heels… 


5. What makes you smile?

 A lot. But for some reason what just popped into my head was my mom singing improvised songs while bustling about the kitchen and making something delicious.  It's fantastic. 


6. And now the most important and not so random question, what are your must have looks from the CLC Spring collection?

Nobody does modern prints as well as CLC and that's why the Mindy dress caught my eye.

Also love the Marissa stripe button top with the Sheri anchor shorts. This look is brilliant for Spring


Thank you to Rachael for being a CLC girl!

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Behind The Seams At CLC

It takes a village to run a company and Corey would have to drink an awful lot of Red Bulls if she didn't have the help of her awesome staff here at CLC. We would like to take our Bees Knees readers “behind the seams” so to speak and introduce you to the people who make the magic happen. Meet CLC Design Associate Lalaina, a mix master who is responsible for all the quirky details such as unique trims and embroideries that make CLC pieces so special. 


1. What are you listening to right now? 

I'm really into the Warpaint album “The Fool” right now.  The 1st track “set your arms down” is constantly on repeat

2.  How would you describe your style? 

My style is always evolving… from rocker to bohemian to girly but it always has a tomboyish edge to it.  Right now I'm very into “ethnic” accessories and prints.  My husband just gave me this amazing “star of India” ring that he got in Agra last fall, it's enormous

3. Who is your greatest fashion influence? 

  Tough to say, it kind of depends on what I'm into at the “moment” but anyone that know me knows how much I love Debbie Harry.  She could rock anything and look amazing!

4.  What is your favorite trend for Spring? 

Statement pants I think are going to be a big trend and we did some amazing printed shorts and cropped pants for our Spring collection.  The Vira assymetrical pleated jersey pant in our geo block print is my favorite pant that we've done.  I would wear them to work, the gym, out needless to say I will living in them.


5. What is your favorite thing about living in LA? 

LA has so much diversity and culture.  I live in Downtown so I love the fact that I have everything I need right outside my door.  I love the fact that downtown is still a bit of “untapped source” there is always a restaurant or bar opening up and sometime when just walking the dog I stumble upon a new boutique or cafe that just opened.  I guess I can see why people that from here would never want to leave.

5. What is your favorite thing about working at CLC? 

I would have to say the exposure to amazing prints and fabrics.  No one has prints quite like we do, they're all so special.  When I see certain prints or garments from the line I can pin point the year and season that we made it and any event that I wore it too.  It's all so nostalgic. 


Check back to see which CLC staff member you will meet next!

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Kourtney Kardashian in CLC

Kourtney Kardashian was spotted looking pretty CLC's Jessica lace bolero!

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