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Hats Off To The Royals!

We caught the royal fever here at CLC and stayed up late to watch all of the wedding excitement, but really we were most excited for the fashion! Kate definitely did not disappoint, her dress was gorgeous but for us it was all about the HATS! The ladies really outdid themselves with the works of art on top of their heads, here are a few of our favorites!






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Beautiful Darling

Saw the Bill Cunningham documentary and it was nothing short of amazing and now next on my list is Beautiful Darling, a documentary about one of Warhol's muses Candy Darling. Although she was born a man she was one of Andy's most glamorous and captivating superstars and I always loved seeing her on film, I am so glad her story is finally being told. 


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Giuliana Rancic in CLC

We are loving Giuliana Rancic in her CLC lip print dress, adorable!


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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter From CLC!


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Butterflies Are Free

Spring Butterfly

We love this Polyvore set made by Sistinas featuring CLC's “Enchanting Entomologist” dress available at Modcloth!